Thursday, 6 June 2013

Must Have Photos for Weddings

Whether weddings are large or small, you want to have the best possible photos taken to remember your special day. There is no better way to remember the happiness and love you shared on your special day than with photos. Talking with your photographer and making a list of special photos you would like taken is the best way to capture all the magic of the day.

Before the Ceremony
Your photos should start before the marriage ceremony. Getting ready for the big day is one part of the fun you will want to have captured on film. A close-up of the bride's dress as it lies over a chair makes a wonderful shot. Photos of the bride as she is having her hair and makeup done are fun photo ideas. You will want photos of the bridesmaids getting ready, the mother of the bride helping with the bride's dress, and mother and daughter captured in a quiet moment.
Photos of the groom and groomsmen getting ready are also must have photos of the big day. A photo of the groom having his father help with his tie is a nice idea. Photos of the groomsmen adjusting their ties and jackets make nice photos. A shot of the groomsmen surrounding the groom and the groom with his father in a quiet moment make good photos for weddings.

The Ceremony
Photos of the mothers being seated are nice photos to have. Capturing photos of the wedding party at the altar make wonderful shots. The groom as he sees his bride for the first time and the bride as she begins walking down the aisle are definite must have shots of the big day. Photos would not be complete without one of the first kiss.

After the Ceremony
When the ceremony is over a must have photo is of the bride and groom as they walk out together. This is a time for fun shots of the groom lifting the bride or the couple in a relaxed shot kissing. Candid shots are wonderful additions to any marriage album. Before and during the reception there are many opportunities for fun photos to be taken. Shots of the cake and the couple cutting the cake are must have photos. Pictures of toasts being made, the first dance, the couple dancing with parents, and other guests dancing are photos that will show the happiness of the day.

Making sure you get all the family shots in your photo collection is also important. Parents and grandparents with the happy couple always make beautiful photos from weddings. Having your photographer get at least one photo of each guest is a nice idea. Photos that capture intimate moments will be treasured for years.
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