Wednesday, 5 June 2013

How to Budget for Weddings

Weddings can be very expensive and when you do not have someone else to help you to pay for it or you are looking to be frugal, you will need to look at different options. There are ways that you can plan the perfect day for your union without having to break the bank and end up starting your life together under a pile of debt.

Ceremony Options
Whether you have a large or a small ceremony, you do not need to spend a lot of money on it. From the dresses and tuxedos, to the decorations and the flowers, you will find that there are alternatives. Consider talking to members of the family, see if they would want to do the floral arrangements, use a dress that has been handed down from your mother or grandmother, or you can have a ceremony that is performed by the local government, and not use a large facility.

Reception Alternatives
As opposed to using big halls for weddings, consider having an outside party. You may be able to find a catering company or have a family style party to celebrate as opposed to using a large facility. Consider the weather, location, and what you really want. You do not want to come off as being cheap, but rather as trying something different and innovative. There are ways to make it more appealing and inviting.
You don't have to use paper plates and disposable silverware, but you also do not need to have food that would make the elite jealous. Make sure to look at what you will be serving. It does not need to be something that is exotic or high end. A simple meal that will taste good and be memorable is all that you will need. Keeping your guests satisfied is more important than trying to impress them.

Many times for weddings, you will see a live band performing. Why not go with the option of hiring a disc jockey to simply keep the party rolling and to act as the master of ceremonies. There are many out there who will do it for a much cheaper rate and can provide just as much fun and entertainment as you will get form using a live band.

Weddings are not a cheap investment no matter how you cut it. However, you will find that there are ways in which you can make it a more livable expense. Not everyone gets the luxury of having their parents pay for the big day, but they still want it to be memorable.
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